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| Last Updated:: 10 Aug 2020

Non-Teaching Staff

Non Teaching Regular Office List
S.No. Name Designation View Full Profile
1 Mr.Arvind Kumar Acting  Office Superintendent   
2 Mr. Rahul Srivastava Accountant  
3 Mrs.Sarita Bhatt  Senior Library Assistant  
4 Mr.Brajesh Pandey Senior Assistant  
5 Mr.Manoj Kumar (Tabla) Tabla Sangatkar  
6 Mr.Amit Bhattacharya Senior Assistant  
7 Mr. Dhirendra Yadav Senior Library Assistant  
8 Mr.Ramesh Kr. Mishra Senior Assistant  
9 Mr.Vijay Kumar Singh Senior Assistant  
10 Mr.Manoj Kumar  Senior Assistant  
11 Mrs.Preeti Shukla Cataloguer / Acting Librarian  
12 Mr.Keerti Kumar Dixit Senior Assistant  
13 Mrs.Dolly Malhotra  Library Assistant  
14 Mr.Sameer Kr. Srivastava  Library Assistant  
15 Mr.Amit Kumar Office Assistant  
16 Mr. Pramil Dwivedi Office Assistant  
17 Mr. Vinod Kr Srivastava Lab. Assistsant  
18 Smt.Deepika Srivastava  Steno  
19 Km Priya Srivastava  Lab Assistsant  
20 Mr.Neeraj Kumar Office Assistant