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| Last Updated:: 10 Aug 2020

Non-Teaching Staff ( CLASS IV EMPLOYEES)

S.No. Name Designation View Full Profile
1 Mrs.Radha Jetely Daftari  
2 Mr.Shailendra Kumar Singh Library Peon  
3 Mr.Anil Sachan Office Peon  
4 Mr.Laxmi Kant Pandey Lab. Peon  
5 Mr.Virendra Kumar Peon  
6 Mr.Murari Singh Peon  
7 Mr.Anand Kumar Gupta Book Lifter  
8 Mr.Kanhaiya Lal Book Lifter  
9 Mr.Chotte Lal Peon  
10 Mr.Ghan Shyam Yadav Peon  
11 Mr.Manoj Kr. Singh Peon  
12 Mr.Subhash Chandra Gond Peon  
13 Mr.Rajendra Kr. Gupta Peon  
14 Mrs.Sudha Devi Lab. peon  
15 Mr.Ram Chandar Peon  
16 Mr.Raj Kishor Farrash  
17 Mr.Naresh Ch.Kuril Mali  
18 Mr.Suraj KumarĀ  Chaukidar  
19 Mr. Viresh Narain Shukla Water Man  
20 Mr.Dhram Veer Lab. Peon  
21 Mr. BabluĀ  Water Man  
22 Mr Rajesh Kumar Book Lifter  
23 Mr.Dilip Kumar Rawat Library Peon