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| Last Updated:: 12 Jan 2016

Reassessment and Reaccrediation Report

S.No. Name Of Documents Download
1 Covering Letter Click Here
2 'SWOC' Analysis of the Institution Click Here
3 Profile of the Affiliated / Constituent College Click Here
  Criteria-Wise Inputs  
4 Curricular Aspects Click Here
5 Teaching-Learning and Evaluation Click Here
6 Research, Consultancy and Extension Click Here
7 Infrastructure and Learning Resources Click Here
8 Student Support and Progression Click Here
9 Governance, Leadership and Management Click Here
10 Innovations and Best Practices Click Here
  Evaluative Reports of the Departments  
11 Evaluative Report of the Drawing & Painting Department Click Here
12 Evaluative Report of the Hindi Department Click Here
13 Evaluative Report of the Home Science Department Click Here
14 Evaluative Report of the Music Department Click Here
15 Evaluative Report of the Psychology Department Click Here
16 Evaluative Report of the Sanskrit Department Click Here
17 Post Accreditation Initiatives Click Here
18 Declaration by the Head of the Institution Click Here
19 Annexure 0 Click Here
20 Annexure 1 Click Here
21 Annexure 2 Click Here
22 Annexure 3A Click Here
23 Annexure 3B Click Here
24 Annexure 3C Click Here
25 Annexure 3D Click Here
26 Annexure 4 Click Here
27 Annexure 5 Click Here
28 Corrigendum Click Here